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After School Dance Program





✔Keeps Kids Safe

✔Improve Academic & Sociable Performance

✔Promote Student Well-Being

✔Help Communities


Charismatic Dance Dance Program offers Hip Hop and Creative Dance after school for elementary and middle school students within the school zone areas. Charismatic Dance and staff will commute to schools, recreation centers, and community centers to provide dance and activities for interested students.

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child/children into Charismatic Dance After School Pick Up/Drop off Program for the school year of 2017-2018.

The normal operational hours are from dismissal to 7:00 pm. A meal is provided also. Your child/children has opportunity to dance with the Performance Arts Team at no additional cost. Anytime the school has a half day or no school Charismatic will be open! Below are the fees applied.

Sign up for auto draft and save $5.00 off tuition and $3.00 processing fee.

Must complete the application in the office.


REGISTRATION: $50.00 per family. Applications available at the studio. First come first serve base. Only 6 slots available.

After School Program- Tuition is due weekly on Monday’s. There will be a late fee applied on Tuesday’s at the rate of $20.00 unless signed up with auto draft. If you are on a two week pay schedule, please submit 2 week payment prior

**$95.00/weekly will include: meals, coverage of half days and no school days, and performance team (additional tumbling and competition team).


**$45.00/weekly will include: drop off and pick up at 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm,$5.00 off the second sibling, responsible for dance tuition, and fee for after care on school half days/holidays (Option)


**35.00 daily rate pick up (dismissal-7:00 pm): Fee must be paid before pickup , $5.00 off sibling, No other discounts or special offers


**$25.00 daily rate drop off (4:30 pm-7:00 pm): Fee must be paid before drop off, $5.00 off sibling, No other discounts or special offers


No Show Fee: $20 (Only applies if you did not communicate prior to pick up if your child is not in school).


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