Terelle Greene

     Charismatic Dance, LLC was founded in 2016 primarily to provide the fundamentals in the art of dance. We provide dance lessons for toddlers to adults. While dancing, children are learning structure, foundation, obedience, teamwork and creativity. In addition to learning the newest dance moves, they will learn coordination and the true meaning of dance and what it entails.

Terelle Greene (Coach T) was born and raised in Columbia, South Carolina. She is a mother of three beautiful children. 


Greene is the alumni of Dreher High School, where she took dance each year with Ms. Annie Richardson and was on an undefeated Step Team coached by  Mr. Golger Collins. Dreher High School also provided her with a scholarship to attend Philadelphia University of Arts summer dance program where she excelled. Her drive and passion for dance lead her to continue to do what she loves by teaching in her community. 


Greene has participated in various dance institutions including Kelly's Gymnastics, Hilton Shaw Dance Company, Vibrations,Ly Ben Dance Theatre, and the University of Arts in Philadelphia . She has volunteered her time to churches and recreational centers. She also has served as the coach of the Dreher High School Step Team, and the cheerleader/dance team coach at Allen University. Currently she serves as Instructor of the Youth/Mime Praise Dance Team at her home church, Saint John Baptist Church in Columbia, South Carolina.



Her motto is: " Taking One Footstep At a Time,

Into a Vision of a Lifetime."