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Charismatic Dance Studio

Inspiring Confidence and Creativity



Our Purpose is to provide outreach within the community and empower boys and girls  through the art of dance.

Our Focus is to build self- esteem, character, confidence and positive attitudes.


Our Goal is to work together as a team, learn choreography counts, and execute all routines.  

When I was young, I started volunteering with a local community center, providing dance choreography and training to kids in the neighborhood. It was something I loved doing, and it always felt like more than just a hobby. 

The story of how I started Charismatic Dance is one of hope and resilience. It began in a time when I was facing some of the hardest challenges of my life. My marriage was failing, I was dealing with depression and anxiety, and I hated my job. I almost lost everything including my will to live. But God had other plans for me.

One day, everything changed. I took a trip to Miami with my friends and realized that I'm in this world for something else. After that trip, I went home and put in my notice at the job I once loved.  I quit my job and with only $800 dollars to my name and the support of my friends, I took a leap of faith and opened Charisma Dance Studio. And let me tell you, it has been the best decision I have ever made in my life. Not only am I doing something that I love but it’s also something that brings joy to others. 

And today, Charismatic Dance is thriving. It has become a symbol of hope for me, and it is my life's work. It is a place where people can come to heal their bodies and their souls through the power of dance. And it all started with a dream.


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