Charismatic Dance Studio

Inspiring Confidence and Creativity



Our Purpose is to provide outreach within the community and empower boys and girls  through the art of dance.

Our Focus is to build self- esteem, character, confidence and positive attitudes.


Our Goal is to work together as a team, learn choreography counts, and execute all routines.  


Charismatic Dance Studio is a new dance studio located in your community. Our mission is to provide affordable dance training for our youth in the community. We provide a foundation that helps the dancers work on themselves from the inside out, as we focus on building their confidence, self-esteem, and independence through the creative art of dancing. Our doors are always open for First Time Beginner Dancers!

Vision Statement:

Charismatic is a studio welcomed to new beginner dancers wanting to get dance without feeling intimidated but welcomed to grow into a confident dancer. I would like to bring in dancers as young as two years old and help them develop the skills and training in a nourishing way.